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Spa Prive massage
Spa Prive massage


Spend some time for yourself to enjoy a relaxing and toning massage at SPA PRIVE. The intimate aromas of essential oils, pampering oils combined with soothing music and the lighting of aromatic candles, are the ideal environment for you to relax your spirit and body. Choose the type of massage that suits you and let yourself be in the hands of SPA PRIVE specialists to lead you on the road of rejuvenation and relaxation.

masaz me ladi/krema

Oil / Cream Treatment Massage

Get rid of the accumulated stress and rejuvenate your spirit by applying a deep relaxing massage (deep tissue massage), which uses pressure to selected parts of the body and helps to relieve the joints and spine.

masaz me aitheria elaia

Massage with essential oils

An aromatic gift for body and spirit that combines the properties of essential oils with massage techniques such as lymphatic and Swedish massage.

masaz me zestes petres

Hot Stones Therapy Massage

Unique massage with volcanic stones that are heated and placed at the body’s Chakra points. The power of the stones is combined with an ayurvedic massage.

masaz me zesti sokolata

Hot Chocolate Therapy Massage

Chocolate therapy is an overall chocolate-based treatment session and has a range of therapeutic effects. It is a treatment of deep hydration, nourishment, relaxation and wellness.

masaz me zesto meli

Hot Honey Therapy Massage

Honey massage is one of the most effective treatments for our body. It helps eliminate toxic substances from our body, improves the lymph flow and cleanses the skin in a unique way.